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DIY Pink & Floral Balloon Backdrop Kit, 5pc



This DIY Pink & Floral Balloon Backdrop Kit includes everything you need to create a picture-perfect photo booth display. It features balloons in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes to bring depth and dimension to your space. The beautiful rose gold and pink color scheme is sure to make a lasting impression.
This kit includes:

1 Air-Filled Pink Balloon Garland Kit (SKU 885694)
2 Air-Filled Rose Gold Lowercase Cursive Letter (m) Foil Balloons, 16in x 10in (SKU 910655)
1 Air-Filled Rose Gold Lowercase Cursive Letter (o) Foil Balloon, 10in x 8in (SKU 910657)
1 AirLoonz Pretty Flowerpot Mother’s Day Balloon, 58in (SKU 912719)
Additional recommended supplies (sold separately):

Air pump (electric or hand-held)
Double-sided tape, Scotch tape, or Sticky Tack
Curling ribbon
To Assemble:

Step 1: Find a focal point on your wall to help center the letter balloons, then anchor each letter in place using tape or Sticky Tack (sold separately).
Step 2: Assemble the Pink Balloon Garland using the package instructions and secure it to the upper left corner to create a border.
Step 3: Finish the look by putting the AirLoonz Pretty Flowerpot Balloon together and posing it in bottom right corner.

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